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Friday 14 June 3.00pm
Buccleuch Marquee

Ricky Monahan Brown: Stroke
Approx 1 hour 

Tickets £8.00

The day after losing his job, Ricky, aged just 38, suffers a catastrophic haemorrhagic stroke. Fortunately, his girlfriend Beth is nearby. A few minutes later, the unconscious Ricky is wheeled into Brooklyn's Methodist Hospital with a 5% chance of survival, and worse odds of any type of good outcome. Beth begins an eight-week vigil, grabbing an occasional nap on a waiting room floor. Then Hurricane Sandy does to New York what the haemorrhage did to Ricky's brain. Amid the rubble of a battered city, a major brain injury and lost jobs, Beth and Ricky start planning for a future together back home in Scotland. Written with searing honesty this is an inspirational story with a fascinating, and unexpected, ending. 

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