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Sunday 16 June 5.00pm
Douglas Home Marquee

Susan Calman
Approx 1 hour

Tickets £15.00

Sunny Side Up: a story of kindness and joy is Susan’s second book. She danced her way across our screens and into our hearts for more than ten weeks on Strictly Come Dancing 2017 and not only had a wonderful time but also radiated happiness.  How has this ability to find joy changed her life? This is her Calmanifesto of happiness. Susan’s enthusiasm at being on Strictly Come Dancing was an inspiration to all of us. Cheer Up Love, Susan's first book, had a clear aim: to help people understand depression. Sunny Side Up has a similarly clear path: to persuade people to be kinder to each other and spread more joy.

Remember, if a performance has sold out, you can check back on Monday 20th May for returns!


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