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Sunday 16 June 12.45pm
McInroy & Wood Marquee

Sue Armstrong: Borrowed Time
Approx 1 hour

Tickets £13.00

The size of the ageing population is rising, posing problems thought to be as great as climate change. Life expectancy at birth for the global population has gone up from just 48 years in 1955 to more than 71 years today, and the very elderly are the fastest growing segment of the population. But why and how do we age? There are a myriad competing theories, from the idea that our bodies simply wear out with the rough and tumble of living, like well-worn shoes or a rusting car, to the belief that ageing and death are genetically programmed and controlled. There is even a growing number of scientists who believe that ageing is a disease to be cured, and that we might even “cheat death” altogether.  In Borrowed Time, Sue Armstrong tells the story of the quest to understand ageing and to prevent or delay the crippling conditions so often associated with old age. 

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