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Friday 14 June 3.00pm
McInroy & Wood Marquee

Eve Simmons & Laura Dennison: Fight the Food Fads
Approx 1 hour

Tickets £10.00

Eve Simmons and Laura Dennison: Fight the Food Fads
The perils of ‘Fake News’ are well known when it comes to current affairs; but have you ever considered the damage it could be doing to our health and relationship with food? Armed with knowledge from the world’s leading diet and nutrition experts, two hungry women sort the nonsense from the fact and inject some long-lost deliciousness back into the conversation. No one is saying healthy eating is bad and in their book Eat it Anyway Eve Simmons and Laura Dennison, co-founders of the website Not Plant Based, want to help you love food again in spite of any misleading information around. The principle is simple: eat what you like and don’t worry about it. This is a game-changing narrative for anyone who struggles to find a balance between healthy and happy, empty and full. Food is so much more than just healthy eating: it’s family, friends, enjoyment and memories.

Remember, if a performance has sold out, you can check back on Monday 20th May for returns!


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