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Sunday 16 June 12.30pm
Douglas Home Marquee

Fintan O'Toole: Heroic Failure
Approx 1 hour

Tickets £15.00

Frantically, desperately, almost all of us are seeking to understand Brexit. Why is our country tearing itself apart? Why are we living through the most divisive, embittered political atmosphere in any of our lifetimes? Heroic Failure supplies some answers. It is a brilliant analysis of what lies beneath the slogans, the entrenched positions and dull thud of prejudice. Subtitled Brexit and the Politics of Pain, Fintan’s fierce, funny and smart book unpacks the delusional thinking and sets it in a historic context. Most modern English heroics are screw-ups, retreats or disasters: the charge of the Light Brigade, the doomed Franklin expedition to find the Northwest Passage, Scott of the Antarctic, Gordon of Khartoum, the flight from Dunkirk. The parallels with Brexit are obvious, but the problem is that the cult of heroic failure was developed precisely in an empire that could afford to play up its failures because it was so successful. Its pathos becomes bathos in a post-imperial world. Failure is no longer heroic -- it is just failure. And this is just a brilliant book, simple as that.

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